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Monday, November 06, 2017

Where2go.com® was created in 1994 as a technology demonstration of advanced database and searching technologies. This search-engine resource is visited by millions of people each month looking for businesses offering services on the internet.

Where2go® is based on our "flexible-logic®" intelligent server technology allowing for effortless complex searching with fast, accurate results.

Where2go® has received numerous awards for its innovative searching capabilities and easy to use interface. Users can search by any of a variety of fields including business type, location, brand name, payment and shipping methods as well as years in business and so on.

Where2go® has been called "one of the best true search engines on the web". It is truly the easiest way to find a business or product on-line.

To experience first hand what our intelligent servers can do for your business, please visit us at www.where2go.com .

Where2go, Flexilogic & Flexible Logic are all registered trademarks of Flexible Logic Corporation.



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